Help with a model

Hi there,
I need a little help with a better thought for my model. Recently I started dating a guy, who is absolutely fantastic, and pretty much everything I was looking, but I’m not as “crazy” about him as my ex.
Here is my model:
C: Dating Rafael
T: I don’t love him
F: longing
A: not appreciating what I have
R: act distant, wanting something that I know I can’t habe

Here is my intentional model
C: dating Rafael
T: ……
F: All in
A: Give him the attention he deserved
R: have a great relationship

And I really, honestly want to feel all in and super excited. But when I put in the T line “he great”, “he is absolutely what you need in a relationship”, “I was crazy about my ex, and relationships was still terrible” all those thoughts still don’t get me to the “all in”, “super excited” feeling.

Any advise?

Thank you!