Help with a model

I have some trouble sometimes finding the Action and/or Results that seem to be tied to the Thought and wondering if you can tell me what I’m missing w/this model that doesn’t seem to match up. In this case, I suppose I’m trying to change the circumstance which possibly could be changed – as a diagnosis I could get better right? I know you said you can’t change circumstances but what if you are talking about a medical diagnosis which can be changed??

I have this thought that it’s possible I might be more seriously sick than I or the Dr thinks – start or have lung cancer. If I caught this early, I could be helped. It would actually put my mind at ease if they would give me an MRI just to rule it out. I have not asked because I’m sure they wouldn’t even entertain the idea. Right now my lungs are compromised a bit with breathing. I was at the dr last week for blood work for something else and as a side note mentioned this issue with my lungs because after being sick in early March I seem to have this short cough and can’t breathe normal and it’s not going away. I feel like a pneumonia. She took a breathing test and my breathing was at 82% so she decided to put me on a steroid to open up my lungs (which is something I would refrain from since I’m also a health coach). I decided to take it because maybe it’s exactly what I need to reduce inflammation in my lungs. I thought it was helping initially but I’m not better and I only have one more day on the medicine so this thought is circulating in my mind.

Both parents have passed – my dad has died from lung cancer and my mom from larynx/lung cancer more recently :(. I was a smoker for many years and even though I quit more than 23 years ago I grew up in a house of smokers w/2nd hand smoke so of course this past experience is bringing this thought to my mind that I can’t seem to shake.

Here’s the model I came up with:

C – Dr took a breath test and my breathing is compromised at 82%
T – I wonder if this is much more serious than I even imagine and the start of COPD or lung cancer
A – ? There is no action that really goes with this other than more “thinking” about this. Can thinking be an action?
R – ? Same thing here. It’s just more thinking?

So my thinking is not serving me but is it creating a result of sickness? The reason I mention this is we are (or become) what our beliefs are right? Beliefs have healed people ie. Dr. Joe Dispenza and many others and hurt people. How can I create a different model that would change my diagnosis – which really isn’t a diagnosis just a test result. I’ve never had an issue with my lungs like this and I know both my parents didn’t just have cancer in a “minute” it was years of undiagnosed or them ignoring symptoms.

As a health coach, I know I could do lots of things to help myself get healthier but right now I seem to be creating this “drama and self pity” around this and just worrying about it — which I want to stop. It’s icky and that is not how I want to show up. I seem to be clinging to this story – yuck! Thank you and see you in October!!! I can’t wait to use this work in my business.