Help with a model

I would like to submit a model for your review/input. Thank you.

I am self-quarantined with 2 college age sons and my 80ish year old mother at my sisters lake house. I am a teacher working from home. I am in the certification program. My son’s and I live 8 hours away and my mother flew in from Florida. We all came here several weeks ago to quarantine together. My brother lives nearby and my sister lives 5 hours away. My mother feels that my brother picked her up from airport and dropped her off here, but does not visit nearly as much as he should. He has not self-quarantined and goes to work, but my mother is fine with that. My brother told my mother that he would come tonight for dinner. In the meantime, my son’s friend who is driving through this area is stopping by to pick up some things that he needs . My brother found out that this other person may be stopping by our house and so he texted me to say that he will not join us for dinner because this other person (who has been self-quarantining) is stopping by earlier in the day. I feel that this is all my fault. First I removed my sons from our home to be with my mother and they have mixed feelings about that. My mother would like my son’s friend, and all of us to have dinner, which upset my brother, causing him to cancel. I feel that this is all my fault. First I removed my sons from our home to be with my mother and they have mixed feelings about that. My mother is upset with my brother. This all happened before 7:30 this morning. I immediately felt guilt. Also realized that my mother would be very upset if my brother cancelled. I checked in with my son to see what time friend would be arriving. I shared that I was not aware of how my brother would react. I asked to clarify that he would arrive in the afternoon, pick up items needed and possibly have a social distance lunch with my son outside. I wanted to confirm that my brother and son’s friends time would not overlap and that friends stop would be socially distant. Spoke with mother to clarify. I texted my brother to share that there was confusion to share the plan. As of now, plan is that friend will come during afternoon and brother will come at 6:00. My concern was that this would affect my emotions all day and interfere with my ability to get the work done that I need to do for work and coaching.

C: Son’s friend is stopping by to pick up materials in the afternoon. Brother is coming for dinner. I am temporarily living with mother and sons. I am working from temporary home and am doing certification.
T: I must take action to prevent my mother from being angry/disappointed if brother cancels. Then my thought switches to.. I cannot control other people’s feelings and I must accept the fact that they may be disappointed or angry with me. I want to release this negative energy so that I can be productive today. If I take action and resolve this then I can have inner peace and can free mind in order to be productive.
F: First fear, guilt, worry, responsible for other’s feelings – then later Neutral, Clarity, Peace. Acceptance.
A: I ran around trying to fix/repair the situation. Everyone seems satisfied. Both people will be coming at different times. I decided to do a model and submit. I changed my thinking from guilt/worry to acceptance. I have responded to work emails and appointments.
R: My body feels calmer. I am prepared to accept the day as it now unfolds. I have started work and will be able to be productive today.

So Sorry this was so long. I look forward to your input.