Help With a Model

I am working on my desire for food. I can’t figure out what thought I want when the result I want is that I don’t have any thoughts about food and that my mind is filled up with all the other things in life that I want to create. It feel counter-intuitive to be practicing a thought about food when the result I want is that it’s not even on my radar. I have managed to achieve this result with alcohol after a year of being sober.

My model is looking like this

C I want to think of food as fuel. Make a plan and then not think about it again until it is time to write the plan again for the next day
T ????
F ????
A Actions that create my relationship, business, garden and art goals
R No desire for food and my goals are achieved.

To me there seems to be a disconnect. I have considered that I am mixing models but I can’t seem to figure my way forward.

Thank you so much for you help