Help with a model – making sense of PTSD


I am working on several IM in different areas of my life, all linked to overcoming PTSD, negative thoughts about my parents, fear of people, etc. I am willing to overcome victim mentality, with my parents, at work, in the streets, but I know I will have to practice again and again.

One model is :
C. I have been treated for PTSD for 3 years
T. If I forgive my parents, it would be as if nothing had ever happened, what I have lived would make no sense.
F. Resentment
A. I have second thoughts every time I speak to my parents, I don’t feel joy.
R. I hurt + I am not nice with them

IM :
T. They have raised me the best they could with their background
F. Compassion
A. Neutral when speaking to them
R. Better relationship as it is, peace

T. I have learned a lot about me during those years, I want to use my experience somehow to be better and help people (yoga, some activity linked to children ?)
F. Empowered
A. Less looping thoughts, future focus
R. Happier, less anxiety, hope

Also, could you suggest some questions I could work on to figure out how I could use my experience with PTSD, what activity I could focus on besides my job?