Help with a model on constantly checking an app

I find myself checking an app on my phone to see if there is a certain someone who is also on the app or was recently on the app. I know that if I see he’s been checking it too, that I make it mean that he’s also checking to see if I”m on the app for me. I’ve had a few instances to confirm my suspicions. Either way, it is not a healthy or worthwhile behavior as we live in separate states and are both married. Despite this I do it multiple times a day. I’d like to stop doing this. I’ve been trying to work on my model and I’m using the A: line as checking the app. I’d appreciate any insight.

C: I met a man
T: I really like this man but he’s not available
F: longing
A: Check my phone to see if he’s on/ Fantasize about another life where I’m with him
R: ? Not sure what this is. I feel happy when he reaches out but sad when he hasn’t been on in a while or doesn’t reach out. Perhaps distance myself from my current relationship?