Help with a model regarding my friend who’s obsessed with a man and I’m tired of hearing about it.

Hi, this is a follow up to a question I submitted last week regarding my friend. She went on two dates with this guy, he said his ex is a “shit starter” which I don’t like because he’s not taking responsibility for his part and she’s obsessed with him, saying he’s Mr. perfect, Mr. wonderful. I mean it’s over the top and she sounds like my 15-year-old niece who likes a boy. I know all of this is my T’s but I’m finding myself super irritated. TW and models are great because I was able to dig deeper.

Before I give you my model, I would like to say that sometimes my friend wouldn’t text me back for days or a week because she’s got kids and I was fine with that. But now it’s multiple times per day.

C: My friend texts me non stop about this guy.
T: She’s using me.
F: Irritated.
A: Respond with fake “I’m happy for you” texts back, roll my eyes when I see a text from her, talk about her.
R: pull away from her.

It’s difficult to have a different T right now because I’m emotionally charged by this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.