Help with a model – Wasting time

Hi Brooke,

I am someone who generally does not waste time, is quite productive, and gets things done. I’m starting a coaching business after LCS training, and have this idea that I need to absolutely hit the ground running when I become certified and there is not a second to waste – I need to make money right away in order to reach my goal. I feel a lot of pressure and scarcity here.

My unintentional model is this:

C: Starting a business
T: Wasting time means wasting my money
F: Fear
A: Stew in fear, put a lot of pressure on my self, judge everything I do, work as hard and as fast as I can
R: Waste time and money?

This seems wrong (the R line, and even the A line? All of it?)

I also don’t know what thought to have in my intentional model. The T in the above model seems so true… if I’m not making money, I’m wasting my time and money. Could you offer some thought suggestions here?