Help with a model

Dear Brooke
I won’t be able to join the calls live because of work, so could I please check with you I’m getting the model right?
Here’s my model for today.

New model:
C: socialising and my bf isn’t talking
T: sometimes I love him very much and sometimes, like now, I’m judgemental and want him to be different to how he is
F: less sad, calmer, lighter
A: I stop focusing on my thoughts about us, and start focusing on what’s going on around me
R: I see him through a less judgemental lens and it’s easier to be with him again

This model doesn’t feel right at all! Sorry. I’m all thought and feeling and less action and result…..

(Also: what if I DON’T love him?? What if that’s the reality of it and I’m just trying to avoid having to do anything about it by changing my thoughts??)