Help with a thought about getting rid of things in my closet

I came across this thought as I was decluttering and cleaning things out this weekend.

c: clothes that no longer fit/giving to goodwill
t: I’ll never be able to afford buying these types of clothes again.
f: sad and disempowered
a: eat, drink wine, waste time, stop decluttering, don’t work on my impossible goal, ignore my finances
r: do not create the extra income/plan that would enable me to buy new clothes

t: it is possible to create the additional income to buy new clothes
f: aware
a: reach out for help, work on coaching myself, start to work on this belief that doesn’t serve me
r: create the space and possibility to move forward with my income goals

I know that this thought is debilitating and that I get to choose if I believe it or not. Plus, I know I’ve been thinking this for a long time and I do like this new thought. Looking for some perspective though about other ways to approach this as I definitely have a lot of results to prove my initial thought true. Thank much!