Help with "Believing New Things" Workbook

Hi, for the month of April I have picked focusing on “Believing New Things.”
I printed out the workbook and have listened to the first two videos in the Study Vault.
I have a few questions on how to work through the workbook.

The new belief I want to practice is:
“On April 1st, 2022, I have made 100k in my business as a life coach, showing that it’s possible as a mum of three.”

I have filled in the questions in the workbook including what the conflicting sentences are:
1. I don’t have enough time
2. I’m not a good enough coach
3. I will neglect my husband and kids.

In the next section of the workbook, it says to answer each of these with an alternative thought and “a” massive action to counter it.
I have found my alternative thoughts and the massive action is below. Am I supposed to pick just one massive action for that week or more?

1. I can find enough time for what I need to do.
Massive action: Create Monday Hour One Schedule each week and follow it.

2. It is possible that I am a good enough coach. (or “I am a good enough coach just as I am…” or “I am the perfect coach for my clients”)
Massive action: Listen to and evaluate 20 min of audio of client sessions 3x week.
Self-coach 10 min each day. Watch/listen to a coaching call on SCS every week and pick one thing I observed a coach do and put it into practice in my own sessions.

3. I will love my husband and kids and spend quality time with them whenever I choose to make the time.
Be 100% present when with them (no distractions and buffering) and allow any feelings – positive and negative.

These actions I can do each day, a few times a week, should I add more, I am unclear on this. Obviously to make 100k I will need a lot more actions… but since I don’t know the HOW, at this point, do I just focus on one action at a time?

Now that I have found alternative thoughts to my obstacle thoughts, what am I doing in the Positive Thought Download?

Thank you for any tips. I love this work!