Help with Compelling Reason Models for losing weight

Hello! I just want to start by saying that everyone’s questions about their compelling reasons to lose weight (especially when we’re choosing to love ourselves now and parent ourselves lovingly) have helped me tremendously.

First off, I feel less alone on my weight loss journey but also less alone doing this work and maybe having some of the same thoughts. I’m so grateful for all the amazing coaches that take the time to respond to thoughtfully- your responses are helping me so much!

I have made two models that a coach suggested to someone below about finding the feeling they want to create in order to find new thoughts that will motivate and excite them to lose more weight after their initial loss. So I did what was recommended and created two different models, one more motivated and one for excited- those are both emotions I want to create as well. I’d love feedback on my models! Thank you.

Both of these are IM-

C- Have a body that weighs a certain amount
T- I want to go on a $5,000 shopping spree when I get to my goal weight. (another possibility too that creates excitement for me….)
T- I want to shock old friends at my next reunion in 4 years when I walk in weighing 135 lbs.
F- Excited
A- Follow my protocol, create Pinterest boards of favorite fashions and outfits I want to get, write in my food journal, daily thought download, weigh and measure my food, pick protocols for 2 weeks at a time, eat out less, start saving money, watch and listen to SCS material on weight loss, share successes, start Jazzercise streaming program, allow urges, start urge jar, allow emotions/name them, get curious, bring any issues to ask a coach or to coaching sessions here, resume if I make a mistake
R- (this one is tricky….are my thoughts not quite right for this set up? or is it- Go on my shopping spree and get lots of gorgeous clothes, shock friends at reunion?) Thanks for the help!

My other IM is-
C- Have a human body that weighs a certain amount
T- If someone dangerous approaches, I want to be able to defend myself.
F- Motivated
A- Stick to protocol, weigh and measure meals, write down my food, create protocols for 2-week intervals, continue my SCS work, bring issues to sessions, allow emotions to come up and be curious with them (invite them in), thought downloads daily, start jazzercise streaming service, take Krav Maga
R- Body is stronger, faster, trained to defend myself

This last one is very important to me and actually came to me because I searched 100 reasons to lose weight. I wanted to see what other people on google may have shared for their compelling reasons. That one really stuck out to me because I’ve actually put on weight due to sexual trauma in my past and wanting to be less attractive and less desirable. I’ve convinced myself many times with thoughts that being thinner and prettier is more dangerous. But this thought that being overweight, out of shape, and less agile could be dangerous is VERY compelling. It also doesn’t feel shaming. It feels empowering.

Thoughts? I’m not too satisfied with my results…
Would they both be I weigh my goal weight? Or am I on the right track?