Help with Day 5 Homework

Here’s my unintentional & intentional models that need some help. I’m trying to be too cautious about the business offers I put out there. I’ve tried a few different offers which have cost time and money so in my mind I’m trying to get it just right to be “efficient.” When intellectually I know there’s no such thing. I have lots of great ideas that I believe will work based on my research and surveys from people who I would serve but I take too long researching every angle, overthinking and overanalyzing. My biggest issue right now is not enough action. Please help.

C: New business offer
T: It has to be nearly perfect to get good results (sales)
F: Cautious
A: Research, Study, Ponder, Overthink, Analyze
R: Not taking enough action, too slow to launch

C: New business offer
T: I’m willing to put more things out there and see what works
F: Reactive??
A: Move forward with the offer that feels best
R: Take more action to see what work