Help with eating off plan model.

I have a weight loss goal. To date I have lost 25kgs with a goal of 5 more kgs. I am really going all in on the thought work and enjoying what I am seeing. This morning I am using the model to access a thought for eating off plan and am having trouble accessing my unintentional thought. I am wondering if you have any offerings. It goes like this:
C- Eating planned dinner.
F – Urge for honey cake
A – Did not pause. Did not allow the urge. Prepared and ate the honey cake quickly (no savouring or enjoyment). Stopped at 1 piece.
R – I missed the opportunity to learn in the moment.

I cant find the T that links to to R. I have a sense that its as simple as “I want honey cake.” But I don’t always respond to that thought. So I’m trying to figure out why I reacted this time.

I have this idea that the best learning happens when I catch myself in the moment and allow the urge. I think when I do this the real thought driving the feeling and action is more accessible. I am committed to learning the next day. Journaling about it and doing models is important to me.

Thank you.