Help with friends

At what point with friends do you have to move on. I know your focus is how we choose to think about a situation, but with my group of friends I’ve planned vacations that they all wanted to go on, and then backed out of, planned parties where they called and cancelled at the last minute, and bought tickets to events that they then changed their minds after they were purchased. I know I can choose to think of this anyway I want but at some point, is it okay to realize that people who act like this aren’t the kind of people I want to be friends with? I think of this as wishing them well and then moving on to meet new friends. But is this really different from cutting people out of your life?

I’m always battling this friend issue, but my husband seems to be fine with his friends taking advantage of him, he is never hurt or mad, and continues to still be friends with people where he does all of the work, and is always doing what the friends wants. It’s so annoying for me, it’s hard for me to watch people use him and he doesn’t care. I know his choices are up to him, it’s just hard to watch.