Help with homework

I’m loving this month’s homework! I keep having great insights.
Please help me with today’s model. I find I often want to put more than one word in the feeling line. It feels to me that I can’t quite decide what the feeling is that the thought creates so I have 2 or 3. I know this is incorrect, can you explain why it matters?
Anyway back to the model
C weight = 63.7kg cycle race tomorrow
T I can’t believe you are going to be over 64kg on race day!!
F frustrated, angry, then ashamed
A perform less well at the race because I’m embarrassed at my weight which leads me to cycle less hard
R slower time and less enjoyment of the day

So it seems like I have 2 parts of me, the voice that is frustrated and admonishes me and then the part of me that feels ashamed. Is it 2 models?
Although its taken me a while to put this all together I don’t think it detracts from the power of the model, because it helps me to see that mean voice is only producing worse results.

In my intentional model
c weight = 63.7
t I’m in the best shape of my life
f Proud
a Cycle hard
R enjoy the day and get the best result possible

My final question is if I take ashamed as my feeling in the 1st model. Where do I categorise this feeling? I know shame is an unwanted feeling we should allow but in this case creating this shame in this way feels indulgent to me. I’ve been beating myself up over my weight daily for years and Im ready to stop. So could it be indulgent in this instant because its unnecessary and only holding me back?

Thanks for your time and insight!