Help with Intentional Thought for September Homework

Getting stuck finding a new thought to drive the desired feelings. The thought brainstorming (at the end) feels forced, not believable, or not enough to drive the needed feeling(s). What else can I ask myself or how else can I approach this to figure out an intentional thought?

No Result Model:
C: A Plan to complete virtual program by 9/19
T: I haven’t been disciplined to my calendar before, so I won’t be now either
F: Defeated / Hopeless
A: Inaction – Distract with irrelevant busy work or buffering
R: Not disciplined to calendar – scheduled tasks not done

Feeling wanted / needed to get this work done:
Determined, Committed, Excited, Willing, Confident, Empowered, Trusting/Trusted (Self)

Thought needed to create this emotion and drive action (Mini-Brainstorming):
* I honor myself first
* I am worthy of following through on my own commitment
* Sticking to my scheduled tasks is totally doable
* I deserve to give myself 100%
* I planned for downtime and will take it when planned
* This program is going to be amazing
* This program is my area of genius and will help so many leaders
* This program is the key to learning and iterating to a scalable business
* I am proud of this work and want to get it out into the world

P.S. – writing this out in this question has helped me. I think the ones at the bottom are “closer” to what I need versus the ones at the top. So my “ah-ha” was that the first ones were trying to “fix” my thought where as the last ones were more focused on creating the action.