Help with ladder thought on feeling empowered

Following an accident two years ago, I have reduced mobility in my left ankle and right hand and a cronic pain condition.
Mobility exercises that are standard should improve my range of motion. But they don’t. Instead they result in more pain and decreased mobility. The practitioners I have seen so far do not know why my body is reacting in this way.
Not mobilising is not an option, because this will definitely decrease mobility as joints stiffen without motion. (fact)
I am currently finding myself in a circle of:
exercise – cause more injury – more pain, less mobility – take time out to rest – see different practitioner and try their approach – exercise – cause more injury – more pain – take time out to rest…..
And I feel scared to exercise, disempowered.
I would like to feel empowered and I can create the feeling with the thought: I can figure this out.

My intentional model looks like this:
C: injuries
T: I am going to figure this out
F: empowered
A: I read up on joint flexibility and improving and hyper-mobility, I get in touch with Jen Crane and Z-Health, I reconnect with Claire and shoulder guy, I work towards getting a diagnosis, I look up Victoria Fenton again, I reconsider the London health guy, I do the mould test etc., Paula Esson, MSTR in Bad Nauheim Alastair, Cyndie George seems to get incredible results all the time. I gently mobilise as much as i can without pushing or trying to hard. I approach with a curious mind
R: I create a feeling of can-do and actively search for a solution.

My unintentional model is:
C: injuries
T: If I exercise I make it all worse, if I don’t too
F: hopeless
A: I don’t exercise, I buffer with work, I don’t reach out to new practitioners that can possibly diagnose me,
R: my condition gets worse because i don’t do anything to change it

I would love some feedback on this please and help with ladder thoughts towards intentional model