Help with lots of models about my mother.

c- My mother said words.
t-I don’t know how to respond to what she said
f- confused, frozen,
A- I responded in a very strong, aggressive way

Can you help me with the R line?
R- my mother hung up the phone on me, or more on the line that I didn’t respond the way I would have liked.

After I thought about what happened. I realized that we had the exact situation verbatim one year ago, pretty much word for word. My thoughts about my mother is that she is nuts. Within that model does that mean I am nuts?

c- thinking about a conversation with my mother
t- she is totally crazy
f- guilty
a- talk to my husband, sister, father and kids about it
R- what’s the result

Another Model about my mother

c- thinking about my mother
t- I really don’t like her
f- guilt
a- I physically stay away from her, but emotionally think about her excessively
r- we don’t have a good relationship only I think the accurate result is that I don’t like myself.

c- thinking about my mother
t- she hurt me as a child
f- confusion
a- I think about how I don’t like her
r- again I need help with this model

I feel hurt from my mother frequently. what would Brooke say?
Also how do I address the guilt feeling?