Help with Love

Hi Brooke,

I was fascinated about what someone posted here about the modelthon regarding the woman who wanted to get married and the woman who wanted to lose weight. I believe that you said something like if the two switched brains then the woman who wanted to get would be married in 3 months and the woman who wanted to lose weight would lose weight really quickly in her new body! I was really blown away by this!

Then I started thinking about my situation. I would like to be married. I have never been married and am in my early 50s. It just seems mind blowing to imagine being married in 3 months but I’m trying it on.

I’m currently casually dating someone. We’ve been seeing each other for about 2 months. He’s a great guy in many ways and he’s all in. He is kinda waiting for me to be all in but I’m not there yet and I have my reservations about him. He’s got a lot of fantastic qualities but he also has some significant qualities that I don’t like. Anyway, I don’t have a problem dating and always seem to have a decent amount of interest from men, so I’m kinda one foot in one foot out, grass is greener kind of attitude with him.

Then I listened to your podcast about Love last night and was so moved. I’m wondering if I should just choose to love this man I’m dating or if I should keep dating and find someone that I don’t have as many reservations about? Or is that just a trap? This is a bit of a pattern for me but also really tried with the last guy I dated, gave him a chance went all in but it ended up not working out.