Help with managing emotion

Hi Brooke!

I notice that I have had issues with anxiety for a while. I have negative thoughts that circle around in my head that I’d like to really learn how to control. For example, a lot of my focus has been on my relationship or rather in my opinion lack of one. My boyfriend moved out a month ago due to us not getting along and is also joining the Airforce soon. He is finding out soon when he will be going to bootcamp. We agreed that he would visit me once during the week and the weekends owever, he hasn’t been doing this as agreed. I feel like what he says and does doesn’t match up. He has a long history of this behavior. I know I should be in control of my own happiness but, I can’t help but to feel hurt or like he just keeps saying things to keep me around but, doesn’t care enough to make the effort. I feel more like a “friends with benefits” situation rather than a relationship and trying to build a future which is what he said he wanted. My thoughts then go to he doesn’t really love me and I act out usually causing a fight and drinking as a buffer. Which leads to him feeling like he never does anything right. I’d feel better if he told me he wanted to be friends because then I’d have no expectations. I know this situation is unhealthy and it causes me anxiety a lot and a lot of negative emotions. I feel low about myself and sad. How can I work on feeling more like myself and control my thoughts more to stop this cycle? Thanks, Kim