Help with managing summer associate

One my summer associates is very difficult to manage (a T, I know!). But I’ve managed 11 summer associates to date and I have never encountered someone so difficult. He lies, tries to get out of tasks, and does the bare minimum. When I asked him what else he’d like to explore in our company he replied with “nothing”.

I know these are all Ts and I ask why is all of this a problem? It’s because I’m worried it will ultimately be a reflection of me despite micromanaging him and even just doing some stuff for him so that it gets done (easier than hounding him).

I’m stuck on this one because when I model it out that his action (or inaction) is neutral and he’s not creating my feelings, I’m having a tough time finding any thoughts that help me see this as truly neutral. I can only see him failing as me failing even though I’ve done everything to help him and support him (and been very flexible and forgiving).

I know I cannot make him do (or not do) anything. If the work isn’t getting done, how is that not a reflection of my management? I’ve never worked with someone like this before, everyone has been incredible or at least average.