Help With Model

I didn’t mean to send the last one so fast. I grew up in the Mormon church. C: the Mormon church claims to be the one and only “true”church” T: for the last 10 years I have researched and learned a lot more about the church to no longer believe in the truth claims but still find “some” value in keeping engaged. F: unsettled A: I go to church 1/4 of the time, have my own spiritual practice outside of church. R: congregation members, family, friends all worry and think there is something wrong, worry about our kids, try to influence them that we may be wrong about it. They say things like…. if you want to believe you would. To me … I can’t believe in Santa Clause now that I know he isn’t a “real person who flies on a sled through the air” I have new information that tells me that is not true. And I feel the same way about the church. I kinda wish it were true but my new information tells me it’s not therefore I can’t believe in it. But just like Santa I can see the good in it and want to take the parts of it that are good and keep it. Most Mormons will say I am finding info in the wrong places but the info is actually from church sources. You just have to dig. Also I do not agree with their stance on LGBTQ issues and women’s issues. I have been asked by church leadership to keep quiet about my concerns so I don’t influence others negatively. So also in my R line I fell isolated. My question is how do I model this so I can have a different outcome? Do Input my new belief in the circumstance line?