Help with Model

I know there is no right or wrong answer and in order for me to gain confidence in coaching, I have to put myself out there and coach anyone that is willing to get coached. Yesterday, a woman that I met several months ago reached out to me and asked that if I needed to make credit hours for my life coaching course, to please let her know and she would be happy to volunteer! Here is my model on this.

C – Woman offered to volunteer to be coached
T – I’m not ready
F – Doubt
A – Create excuses as to why I can’t coach, don’t schedule a session with volunteer client
R – No coaching

C – Woman offered to volunteer to be coached
T – This is a good opportunity to practice my coaching skills
F – Determined
A – Schedule a session with her, prepare for session, practice self-coaching and show up for you and for your client
R – Valuable session, continue developing coaching skills