Help with Model

Hi, I’m new in Scholars.

Where do I start when I notice so many thoughts creating different feeling, action and results?
I am working on thoughts that I have about my job. Most of them are really judgmental and some are negative thoughts. But the thing is I really believe those thoughts to be true. I feel all of those thoughts are facts.

Some of thoughts were:
They don’t value the work that I do.
I feel underpaid for the work that I am putting.
Why did I even join this company?
I don’t even want to ask for a raise cause I know they won’t do that.
They don’t see the value that I am offering to them.
I have done so much work for them but it never got acknowledged.
I have to do things that I do not enjoy at my work.
I just wish they would give me a raise and that I don’t have to be the one to ask for it. I feel like they will have judgements about me when I ask for a raise.
Growth is so slow in my company.

Okay, I know those are the thoughts that I am having. And it does not make me feel good either. But I just feel like it’s a fact.

What would be the step here?