Help with Model

I just wrote about my dare being to not talk about myself with anyone for a day. Doing that again today but I’m having a hard time with the fear model from yesterday. I just want to get to a place where I’m confident that people will see who I am without me feeling like I need to tell them (Hi, I’m so and so, here are all the reasons why you should be my friend!”)

C: Not talking about myself
T: No one will know that I’m worth being friends with
F: Inadequate, unworthy, unloved
A: ??
R: ??

I’m not seeing the A & R for that feeling because I’ve always buffered against it by talking about myself.

Here’s my model w/ self confidence on the F line:

C: not talking about myself
T: listening shows that I can be a good friend
F: self confidence
A: listen! engage! learn about people!
R: deeper friendships

I think this is all a lot deeper than I realized and I don’t know how to dig deep into it.