Help with model.

Hi, the more I learn to use the manual, the more awesome I think it is.

Can you help me with this model, the result is not really what I want it to be but I also do not want to change my thought much.

C – I am showing husband something on the computer. He directs me on how to scroll and click. I ask him to hold on and I will show him.
T – Why is he so impatient and irritated, I wish he could relax and just be interested.
F – I feel rushed and don’t like to be directed. I am annoyed.
A – I ask him (nicely) to please just let me show him.
R – He gets more irritated and act like it is my fault cause I don’t do as he tells me to do.

Ok, I think this is wrong since the result has to be something that has to do with me. Should I put ” I am left by him and has not had a chance to show him”?
The reason I don’t like to change my thought or my feelings is that I really just like for him to give me the chance to show him. (Lol, I want to change him).
Well, I guess I don’t want to tolerate that he rushes me but then it just turns sour. I can be understanding to him that he is tired, stressed with other thoughts, he feels he doesn’t have time to have me show him something, but in reality I feel hurt since he spends hours on fb or watch tv.

Thank you,