Help with model

My very elderly mother is in pain and bed ridden with little awareness now. Three years ago she kept telling me she’d rather be dead than live like this. But her heart keeps on beating. We have all but run out of money to support her and may have to move her to a less desirable facility. Here are two of the models I’ve tried.

C. Mother in care home
T. She doesn’t want to be alive
F. Sad
A . Think about her. Visit and try to engage. Resist the situation.
R. I make my own life less bearable.

C . As above
T. This is just the 50/50 of human life
F. Acceptance
A. Don’t dwell on her situation, tell myself there is nothing else I can do for her. Focus on happier times.
R. Get to experience happiness and sadness.

The problem is that I just can’t accept the situation.
I can’t see how I WOULDN’T wish it were different. Not just to make me feel better but for her too.
Some LCS wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks.