Help with model about helping my husband on his business (part 2)

Thanks a lot for your help and your tips to take it to the next level!

I was indeed seeing my circumstance as something negative, due to my past experience, and I hadn’t noticed it.

Here is my new intentional model, based on what I truly want to feel about my C, and taking my C as something neutral:

C. Starting again to help my husband on his business.
T. This is a great experience to learn new things and to develop my skills.
F. I feel lucky.
A. I look forward to what I can do. I identify the needs where I can make a difference and have fun. I dedicate time every day to the things that I have chosen to do.
R. I learn new things and develop my skills.

This feels much better than my previous intentional model.
Is there any part that I can still improve?

This exercice is so eye-opening 🙂
Thanks again for your help!