Help with model neighbors are moving

C: Neighbors are moving out from next door
T: This will create a problem in my relationship
F: concern
A: Talked to neighbors to say goodbye but also because husband wanted me to find out what’s up, gave some thought to what this change will mean for us in general and how it will affect our relationship, shared what neighbor told me with my husband, husband made comment (“this is illegal, we will sue”) and I get “fussy”.  I ignored his comment and left the room to start my work on-online, texted husband some suggestions we could do because neighbors are moving: See if son wants to move in with roommate, no response from husband, if unit will be a vaca rental maybe we could help manage the unit for the owner, husband responded all negative that it is horrible it is happening and voiced his opinion that it is illegal and we will take _____to court, read the next text about hiring the person to come and clean our home 2 – 3 times a month who has been cleaning the unit next door, shared the business card of the cleaning person with husband, had some enumerating thoughts about what we can do to not have this happen (to support my husband…make peace…make him happy) like contact the owner and ask her to keep 6 month rentals to help support the community housing shortage, plan on seeing if she does anything illegal like renting the unit out without having permit etc. Make it difficult for her and her visitors if it comes to that, off and on for the rest of the day have thoughts to imagine what could be done and what might happen…not obsessive though. Mostly let the thoughts go and did not initiate a conversation with husband to “work this out….our difference of opinion and what we should or might do, I do not like that I “can’t” voice my opinion thinking we could talk about these things and decide together.
R: Trying to plan things in my mind to make my husband happy and avoid any conflict.
I do not want this result.