Help with model on downsizing our home

I am struggling with the move we made from our big beautiful home and garden into a small townhouse. We choose to do this to free up time and money to do more things with our lives. Having said that we would not have done it if we could afford not too. So I am not happy about this thought either. I am struggling with the much smaller space, the street view, missing our garden and all my beautiful things that I sold as they wouldn’t fit. Our daughter has moved back in with us (Covid) so its a tight fit. I really want to be able to work through a model on this. I would like to change my thoughts in order to enjoy what we now have.
So far I have:
C – Sold big house and moved to a small townhouse.
T – It’s too small, I don’t like the street
F – Upset that this happened.
A – Complain about space, I am negative, I am in a mess the whole time, as there is nowhere to put everything, I am on edge, I am not happy
R – Get more depressed, upset, get myself in a rut, can’t move forward in my thinking.
Then Perhaps:
C – Bought a townhouse
T – More time to do other things
F – (not sure how I feel)
A – Get out more, do more things, get fitter as we walk to the beach,
R – Meet more people, have a happier life in many ways. More active, less stressed. Travel more.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks