Help with models about work

I have found myself distracted and inefficient at work more frequently lately. I’m trying to uncover the thoughts that are driving this, but am having a hard time. Can you give me some feedback on these unintentional models (particularly the R lines)?

C: List of things to do at work
T: I don’t feel like doing the things I am supposed to be doing
F: Unmotivated
A: check social media, do quick to-dos that are not on task (i.e. ordering groceries), mentally distracted, don’t do my work in a focused efficient manner
R:  Don’t show up professionally the way I want to

C: Doing off task activities while at work (see above A line)
T: I should be focused and efficient
F: guilty
A: buffer with social media, checking email, texting husband, don’t focus
R: I don’t show up the way I want to at work