Help with models – husband running late

This morning my husband was supposed to take our daughter to basketball and leave home at 9:45am – a plan we had discussed earlier. At 9:40am he says he just has to do a few things and goes outside and starts putting the pool vacuum in the pool and emptying the leaves out etc – I am trying to stay patient and he could have done these things earlier (he wasn’t busy) but waited till it was almost time to leave to do them. He does this often and has a very relaxed attitude with time – I am the opposite as you may have gathered! I managed to not say as much as I normally would, but I did say ‘you remember you’re meant to be leaving at 9:45 right?’ – he just said ‘we’ll be there in time’. I’ve tried to do some models on this situation as it comes up often.
I’d appreciate some feedback on these models to see if I am doing them correctly:

Unintentional model:
C: Husband not ready at 9:45am to leave
T: He should respect our agreement for him to leave at 9:45am/ He doesn’t care that I’m stressed about them being late
F: Stressed
A: Huff around impatiently and be on his case about being late
R: No effect on him, I’m tense, daughter is tense

Intentional model:
C: As above
T: I have factored in a bit of extra time, it’s not the end of the world if they are a few minutes late
F: Patient
A: Carry on with other things, tell my daughter there’s plenty of time
R: Everyone is calm

How does that sound?