Help with models

Hi Coaches!

Could you let me know if I’m doing these models correctly?

One is about building a business, and it’s more of a Bridge model:

C: Business
T: I am learning to believe that having a successful business is possible
F: open, relaxed, hopeful?
A: More open to learning, growing, taking steps
R: Learn to believe your business can be successful, build a great business

Is hopeful right here? It feels like the most accurate fit, but I’m not sure.

And this one is about putting myself out there. I don’t see how the result proves the thought here…

C: Offer my services
T: People will judge me
F: Shame
A: Don’t do anything, don’t reach out, feel afraid
R: No money or clients

I don’t see how this Result proves the Thought? I think I’m also always trying to make the result prove the thought, and it’s keeping me from really seeing the insight of the model. How should I drop all of my predetermined thoughts when making my models?