Help with my impossible goal – birth or LCS coach??

Hi, I have two possible impossible goals and wondering if either are fit for the exercise (and if both are, I’d love help constraining myself!)

I have just found out I’m pregnant with my second baby, so I’ll be due a few months after I graduate with the LCS CCP.

I have two big dreams – 1 is to have a natural and orgasmic home (or birthing centre birth) for my labour. My last labour was induced due to a condition that has a 90% recurrence rate and I sustained a 3C tear and episiotomy, so this feels quite impossible and I’m also wondering how much control I have over it??

My other is to work for the LCS as a coach but only 10 hours a week as I will have a new baby and a toddler and don’t want to be working away from them / have them in childcare for any more than 10 hours a week. But I also don’t know how much control I have over this as I understand the LCS only hires 20 or 40 hr/week contractors?

I’d love any assistance.