Help with my model

I believe that I am in a whirlspin trying to figure out what type of coaching I’m better suited for or whether I should even be a coach at all. I seem to have forgotten all of the amazing things that I have accomplished in my lifetime and discredited them as valuable experiences that would allow me to help people. Below is a model that I worked on.

Unintentional Model:
C: Creating coaching business
T: I’m uncertain as to whether I’m a better fit as a Life Coach or a Health Coach
F: Confused
A: Look at other coach’s services; read about Life Coaching and Health Coaching
R: Feel unsure of what the right answer is

C: Creating coaching business
T: I would be a great Health Coach or Life Coach because I know how to be healthy and I understand how the brain works in order to create lasting change
F: Courageous
A: Work on creating my own unique service without comparing myself to others; look at the amazing things that I get to share with people; negate outside influences from interfering with my inner voice
R: I have so much value to offer the world