Help with my model

Hi! I’m new to SCS and am practicing my models. I just started and decided to focus on overeating/reducing desire and listened to the lose 8 lbs in June and the over eating master class. I started 2 meals a day, no sugar, no flour Sunday. I’ve been overall feeling tired prior to all of this because I was working long shifts (night and day) and have had increased demands due to the pandemic since March. I finally have a day off and am feeling grumpy and irritable. I’m trying to identify the thought that is getting me there and wondering if it could be withdrawal from the sugar and the flour, fatigue from the past weeks (and months!). That being said, I’m trying to be more compassionate to myself and accepting that I’m going to be grumpy some times and that maybe I just don’t have to always be “on.” Here is the model that I’m working on…I’m kind of stuck and don’t know exactly what the T is…

C: I am
F: grumpy, irritable
A: snap at the kids and my husband, lose patience way more quickly than I would like to
R: create an “edgy” environment for my kids and in my mind

As far as the T — here’s what I’ve been chewing on…
-I’m so tired
-I can’t get my shit together
-Something just doesn’t seem right inside of me

What keeps coming up are thoughts around my feelings:
-I feel unrefreshed
-I feel fatigue
-my body feels like it is running on empty
-i’m exhausted
-I feel depleted

Can a feeling be in the T line? Doesn’t seem right…

What am I missing?