Help with my model

Hi! I would love to have your input on the model I did today. I started by the A line, which is different than usual for me, for I generally start with the F line. The model is based on a situation that happened at my job today, but it made realize that I often play back in loop my day (or my night if there was a social event) and ask myself if what I said/did was ok, thinking what I should have said instead and worrying about other people opinion….

C: I said to a colleague ‘Sorry, can we discuss this another time? I need to focus on this task right now’
T: I was rude
F: Worried
A: Play back in loop what happened, ask myself if what I said was ok, think of what I could have said instead, think that it’s not what I said that was rude but the way I said it, worrying about what my colleague thinks about me (she probably think i was rude or that I can’t handle stress or multitasking)
R: I feel guilty and I go apologize to her

I think my actual R line might go in the A line instead (because I actually really end up going to see her to apologize) but then I don’t know what I would put in the R line.

Here’s some other thoughts for the R line:

R: I worsen the situation
R: I make it about myself
R: I loose the time I could have taken to discuss the matter with her by thinking about me being rude

Thank you! 🙂