Help with my model about my daughter-in-law who is a CRNA.

My son, daughter in law and their 4 month old live in a 800 square foot condo ( i.e. no room to quarantine from the others) on the 9th floor in the heart of Miami. She is currently breastfeeding the baby. She is a nurse anesthetist with ICU nursing experience and currently on vacation time until April 13. Based on what is happening in the world, by the time she goes back to work, her hospital should be full of COVID-19 patients.
Here is my unintentional model:
C – My daughter in law goes back to work on April 13th
T – She will be exposed , and in turn exposing my son and the baby to COVID-19
F – scared
A- worry
R – She is exposed to the virus and exposing my son and baby

My first question, is my T line really the C line??

Intentional model
C – My daughter in law goes back to work on April 13th
T- She will take every precaution not to get sick or spread it at home
F- accepting
A – not worry
R – with precaution, they might not get sick

Question – somehow my intentional model is not reassuring and perhaps I can’t ever have a reassuring intentional model in this situation. Or can I – if so, please help me come up with one.

Thanks so much