Help with my model – Anger At My Commute

Please can you help me clean up my thoughts with my Commute: unintentional model: C: My Commute is 2 hours each way. T:I am wasting 4 hours a day. F: Anger/ frustration A: complaining R: spending 4 hours most days angry, frustrated, in a bad mood.

My intentional model could be. C: My Commute is 2 hours each way. T: I could use this time for SCS. F: I am helping myself learn how to cope with the anger. A: the time is used to help improve all area of my life. R: all areas are improved.

I’m afraid I’m struggling with genuinely feeling my intentional model as I can’t stop the negativity particularly when there are often delays which put me right back to angry again. Is there a thought that would help me with this current situation I have no control over? Thank you: