Help with my R line

I just joined an IG comment pod and after two weeks I’m feeling annoyed. Here’s my model, though I’m having trouble with the R line.

C: IG comment pod
T: I’m not sure the pod is worth my time
F: Annoyed
A: Calculate who hasn’t responded, stew about a few members not pulling weight, stew about people fawning over one member who has yet to comment on a post of my posts, let negative energy creep into work.
R: ?

I like how the R is often tied into the T line, and I honed in on my actual thought because I originally had it as “it’s not worth it.” So, I could see how the R might be “I am not creating worth for the pod,” but I think I absolutely am creating worth. I take it seriously even though it is a time commitment, and have commented on every post, following the guidelines, in an effort to build connection and support others. I have met several nice women through it, so I feel fortunate for that and have decided to give it at least 6 more weeks. But, having a clearer R line would help me cut out my drama. There will always be situations where people don’t pull their weight, and maybe it’s annoying me because I’m no longer in an office environment with colleagues.