Help with new thoughts / hustling for self work through work

I realized thanks to my 20 minute session with a coach that I’ve been “hustling for my self worth” through work — YES! I see it as the grand indicator of worthiness / deserving of the good things in life. (Unintentional thought: Success/achievement = happiness/stuff/fun)

This puts a huge amount of pressure on me to achieve/succeed at work – which in turn makes me show up desperate, not authentic, “attached” to results, and resentful of work itself – and the result is, of course, that I don’t succeed to meet my expectations. (Thank you R line!)

I want to stop judging myself based on success and achievements at work and just love myself. I want to be my authentic and full self every day!!

Do you have any suggestions for questions I can ask myself to help me find new thoughts when these thoughts come up?

Some of the thoughts I’m having now:
I’m not successful enough to lead the good life
I have to work harder to deserve good things
I’m just faking it if I enjoy myself and I’m not successful / working harder

And I’m having trouble coming up with Intentional thoughts that resonate…
I am successful already
I deserve to do anything I want to do, simply because I want to
I deserve the good life
I’m leading the good life
The only person who needs to approve of my decisions is me

None of them are really sticking.

Any suggestions on things I can ask myself to help me get there? Or anything in the Study Vault that might help?

Thank you!