Help with R line

Hi coaches,

I was wondering if you could give a bit more insight into what kind of things typically go into an R line – this is the part of the model that I currently struggle with the most. I do thought downloads and models daily, but when filling them in I tend to get stumped on the R line, unless it’s a very direct link between T and R.

For example, today’s model:

C: MHO calendar
T: I want to get a “perfect score” this week and follow my calendar exactly
F: Anxious
A: Beat myself up over having to follow calendar at all cost, overwork, am very rigid with calendar, don’t honour my body’s needs, don’t appreciate the gaps/rest-breaks built into my calendar, worry about not being able to follow calendar
R: ?? It is harder to follow my calendar with all this worry/anxiety/judgement – is that the result? but how does it relate to my T?