Help with Result line in Model


I was wondering if I could get help with the result lines in my Unintentional Models. I am having trouble seeing the difference between actions and results with these thoughts.

C: End of the night and still have a task left to do and it is 11:22
T: I shouldn’t be doing work at this time
F: Frustrated
A: Try to avoid the feeling with buffering, avoid the work, get down on myself, have more negative thoughts, lose belief in myself
R: Not doing the work and believing that I should not be doing work at this time

C: Having work to do at 11:24 PM
T: I should have done more earlier
F: Frustrated, angry
A: Beat myself up, avoid my work, be disappointed in myself, feel negative feelings, spin in negative thoughts, stay up late trying to avoid the work but forcing myself to stay up until the work is done, avoiding sleep, catastrophize about the future
R: Reinforcing the thought and not getting the work done

C: Wanting to do a task at 11:30 PM
T: I’m never going to get a handle on my work
F: Angry and frustrated and defeated
A: Beat myself up, feel like crap, catastrophize about the future, think about all the things that are wrong with me, buffer, avoid the work, cry, not getting motivated to do work, not thinking clearly
R: Don’t do my work and reinforcing that things are slipping away from me

Thank you!