Help with results line – hours worked

Hi there, could you help me tie in my result line?  Thank you!

C: Administrator asked my colleague about me not working on Fridays (I have taken vacation on Fridays lately). She said I might need to drop to 0.4 FTE/16 hours contracted if I’m not working Fridays. (I work 22 hours per week on average even when I don’t work Fridays since W-TH are long days and Friday is a short day. When I work Fridays, I work 28 hours in average – 4 more than I’m contracted for).
T: She has no right to act like I don’t work enough when I’ve consistently worked overtime since I started with the organization, especially since the ransomware attack (and their lack of an adequate backup) has left me with tons of extra work and decreased income the last few months.
F: angry
A: send administrator a (polite) email detailing my typical hours worked, vacation, and the reasons for taking my vacation on Fridays recently. Keep spinning in thoughts about how they created extra work for us with negligence (lack of a secure backup), how out of touch admin is with what actually happens in clinic, and how I’m going to have to fight with admin about my hours).
R: I create more work for myself? Having trouble matching this well with my T

Intentional model
C: same
T: this is just a misunderstanding (i.e. easy to fix)
F: relaxed
A: send polite email regarding hours and vacation.  Move on to my other work and goals without stressing
R: how would I match the result to thought “this is just a misunderstanding”? (Result to pair with this is easy to fix is I fix it easily)