Help with Strategies Follow Up

My obstacle thought: I’m putting pressure on myself to pay off debt.

Previous coaching on this obstacle: “You won’t be more worthy once your debt is paid off. You’re just as worth, lovable, and amazing as you’ll ever be right now, with debt. It also won’t be any better there than here. You’ll still have 50% negative emotion after your debt is paid off. Debt is neutral. There is no morality attached to it. You’re paying off your debt simply because you want to, not because you’ll be a better person, not because you’ll be happier. Just because you want to. So why are you choosing to put pressure on yourself?”

My response to that question – “Because I think that I’ll be free and I can move on with my life once my debt is gone. We can start saving for next chapter of our lives.”

Obstacle thought: I did things I didn’t want to do (when I’ve paid off debt in the past)

Previous coaching on this obstacle: “So don’t do that this time. You chose to do those things. Make different choices this time around. Your choices are 100% within your control. Make the choices you want.”

My response about getting clear on choices – “What are the choices I do want? How do I decide from a clean space and not bring in the past?”

My obstacle thought: It hasn’t been fun

Previous coaching on this obstacle: “So what? Why does everything have to be fun?”

My response – “Because I want it to be. I think I’ll relax a little too when I’m coming from a fun, creative space than dread. I want to have fun doing it instead of dreading it like I did in the past.”