Help with the Model: Thought line and Result line not pairing

I am struggling in completing my models. I have noticed that my result line does not always back up the thought I am having. I would like to share examples below:
Example today:  I watched TV this evening for a greater amount of time than planned rather than using the time to work in scholars. I also ate cookies this evening while watching TV even though I had worked out earlier in the evening.

C=Watching TV and did not work in scholars
T=I want to rest this evening and not do more work
A=I do the opposite of what I intend to do–I will watch TV, snack on something, perform a different task like fold clothes or call talk to someone, I will speak to myself in a negative manner when I feel lazy–upset that I am not being productive
R=?? I am still doing work just not the work I set out to do???

C=I watched TV and did not work on scholars
T=There is time to do both
F=In control
A=Do not overindulge in one activity or the other, my mind is more focused and I allocate time for what I want to do, this helps boost positivity in me and I approach things with an open mindset and end up getting more accomplished
R=I get to do both

Today I exercised (when I did not feel like it) and I did end up eating cookies later in the evening
C=I ate 5 Oreo Cookies
T=I should not have done this
A=End up eating more cookies, I will speak poorly to myself, I will get angry at how I do not fit as comfortably in my clothes, lack self confidence and not interact with others
R=??? I feel as if the result is that I am shaming myself or but I do not see how this reflects the T line

Second Try at this model:
C=I ate 5 Oreo Cookies
T=Eating this deters me from my goal
A=I will eat, I cannot stay focused or find myself not being able to focus on the goal and I look for ways to comfort myself(food or drink) around it, I will speak in a defeating way (internally)
R=Continue to stray from my goal (???)

Third Try:
C=Ate 5 Oreo Cookies
T=There are times when things do not go as planned
A=Accepted myself in a more kind way, more inclind to be reflective and figure out why things did not go as planned, make up an alternative plan to get back on track

Thank you for helping me better understand the model so I may put it better into my daily practice. It appears so easy when I see other coached on what to place in each line–doing it personally is challenging. Again, thank you for your input.