Help with the R for "They could come and get me"

Hello coaches!

Could you please help me with my R? I’m a coach starting my email list, and I’m stuck on the AWeber sign up because they require your physical business address to go on the bottom of your marketing emails.

My brain is freaking out over giving out my physical address on all of my emails — EVEN THOUGH I intellectually know my physical address can be Googled and is public information anyways.

I’m freaked out because I’m thinking strangers would have access to my physical address and “They could come and get me.” I’m having trouble seeing the R line. Could you take a look please?

C Email subscribers see my physical address on an email
T They could come and get me
F Fear
A I don’t finish my AWeber sign up for service, I look for other email providers where I don’t have to put my street address, I start reading the regulations about putting our physical address on emails, I look up getting a PO Box so I can list that address instead, I don’t have an email provider and so don’t send out my freebie
R ?

I’ve been stuck here for weeks now because I get scared every time I come back to that address part of the registration. Your help would be much appreciated!