Help with the R-lines

This morning I identified 4 feelings I was experiencing: Fear, overwhelm, discomfort, and exhaustion.

I did models for each, but am stuck on the R-lines. Here are my UM:

C: Husband went to ER with stomach pain, tests came back showing no issue; further testing required and he is still sick in bed;
T: Something is really wrong, he’s not ok and should take more action
F: fear
A: scold him for not getting additional testing done sooner, spiral out in “what ifs”
R ?

C: My daily schedule
T: This is too much and each week its getting worse, not better
F: overwhelm
A: Imagine not delivering work for clients/failing, cancel upcoming event
R: ?

C: Baby crying multiple times this morning at home and 50% of car ride to school
T: I can’t stand this
F: discomfort
A:buffer – bite nails, reach for social media/phone, get snappy at kids
R: ?

C: Daily sleep 6 hours each night with 2 interruptions from kids waking up
T: I’m not getting enough sleep and this isn’t sustainable
F: exhaustion
A :shame myself for not going to bed earlier, get frustrated at kids waking in middle of night, get snappy