help with the result line – topic relationships

Hey there, I’m really having some trouble finding the right results for the R line.  I don’t really know what the rules are.  Here are three models with slightly different thoughts I explored about my belief I’m responsible for everyone in my life.

C: People in my life
T: I don’t want to be responsible anymore.
F: Resistance
A: I freeze, I hide away, I brace myself against them, I get annoyed at them, I judge, I procrastinate, I resist, I doubt my own competence
R: I’m stuck inside the relationship while losing a lot of energy. ?

C: The people in my life
T: It’s possible that it is not me who is responsible.
F: Fear
A: I try to be better (at fixing them/ at taking responsibility), I doubt myself, I cling, or I give up and withdraw
R: More tension in the relationships?

C: The people in my life
T: There is the possibility that I may not be responsible after all.
F: Relief
A: I relax, I lie back, I meet them with curiosity and openness, I let them be who they are
R: Relaxation in the relationships

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!